Sunday, 15 January 2012

Put Dye In Your Hair Like You Just Don't Care...

So as anyone who knows me in real life will know... my hair has gone through the wars the past 7 or 8 months...

For a good two years I had been dying my hair red, and here is a photo of it at it's brightest...

Just after getting my hair cut like Noel Fielding :D Exciting stuff!

Anywho, for some reason, I made the god awful decision to dye my bright red barnet completely black... and well... 

Needless to say, I looked like I wanted to die.

What doesn't help in this photo, was the fact that my hair, by this point, had grown an awful lot and I now had an emo fringe. 

For the week that i had the black hair, i was miserable, i didn't leave the house except to get a blood test, and I had an anxiety attack in the surgery, causing my blood pressure to be extremely high, as well as my heart rate... so when I had the blood taken, I passed out... 

Three times.

Soon after this I purchased a box of Scott Cornwall's Colour B4

And at first it restored my original colour perfectly!

Excuse my Matt Smith-esque fringe.

However, Colour B4 isn't as good as i thought it was, as over the next week, the colour faded with each wash, back to really dark brown with red tints. I was understandably distraught. I popped some red dye over the top in the hopes it would lighten it a tad, but it didn't do an awful lot.

As you can see here...

Very dark, though the lighting, i do admit, does not lend itself well to the colour.

Now for a bit I kept the colour, not wanting to damage my hair, and lacking money to get it professionally lightened or even buy lightening agent or stripping agent myself, so i gave up for a bit, keeping this look, which in a way, worked for me a bit, as dark hair made me look older and more mature, which was a good thing, but with the hair style I have, being a Joan Jett, Noel Fielding kind of scruffy kid from round the corner with her hands covered in paint and a constant blare of music seeping out from the headphones in my pocket connected to the ipod I forgot to turn off... the 'mature' colour didn't gel brilliantly with the style, so I had a constant slight Rock'n'Roll hairstyle, with not that many Rock'n'Roll outfits to match, making it hard to dress for the style.

However, I did find that dark hair works brilliantly against head scarves!

Giving me a kind of vintage war woman look, which I do like.

But I have to admit, I was pining for my red hair again... 

So back to a second box of Colour B4 I went... as it claims you can use up to three boxes.

 Of course after a week, it was fading again to a brown shade.

I applied Live XXL Luminance Red in the hopes it's lightening formula would lift me back to my old bright red...

No such luck.

It was lighter, though the picture does not show that... it was more red than it had been previously, but still not all that noticeable.

So yesterday I purchased a box of Superdrugs own Fire Red (POKEMON :D) hair dye...

Now i've used their vibrant range before, and I was surprised at how much lighter my hair turned out!

I went back and bought a box, hoping it would lighten my hair further, I was really hoping that I could finally stop doing this thing gradually and finally have the hair I lost.

This was my result

A much lighter colour, however, not quite as bright as I'd hoped... but it's a start!

Something I did notice however, was that my roots were so much brighter, most likely due to the fact that my natural colour had been coming through here since August, and the dye had been lightening that over and over, so that is quite bright and has a warm orange tint to it, however, this unfortunately, does not carry on throughout.

The ends of my hair are slightly darker, however, not as noticeable, they look darker in this photo due to lightening...

This is when you compare my tips to my roots, as you can see, darker, but not lots darker, when you see the whole head of hair, you can't really tell, it just blends in, unless you are specifically looking for darkness and lightness contrasts.

I find now that the only thing to do, is to simply wait for my dark tips to grow out, or bleach my whole head, and start again, and after all this palaver... I can safely say that won't be happening.

So, looks like I shall be dying it every time my roots get over about 4cm or more (: so hopefully by the time I get to uni, only the last 5 or 6 cm on the tips should still be dark, which might even look good :') 

On the plus side, i don't have any dark in my fringe! :D And my hair is shortish, so growing out won't take more than a year by now (: 

I'll make sure to inform you if there's any more riveting changes!

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