Monday, 16 January 2012

Hair Style and Inspiration!

I know I said no more, but I have to share this with you...

Now, if you couldn't already tell, my hair is my prize possession, I love it no matter what, and since it's red return, I love it even more. I love it because it just is the most trolling hair around, it always does the opposite of what you tell it to do and is messy as fuck constantly.


I love scruffy hair, so much so that I got a Noel Fielding haircut to celebrate it's unruliness!

But the style I have is also a Joan Jett style, and can be styled up to look like that too

(if i look that good at 50 something, I'll be pleased as all shit.)

Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett in The Runaways Movie looked damn fine with that cut.

I own a jacket just like this, solely because of this movie. 

S'more Joany for you.

Anywho, it's one thing having that hair cut, it's another maintaining the style... when you don't style it, and just blow dry it looks like this

(Kristen here, Joan has a different style now)

Or my favourite example...

This is what happens when the style starts to grow out slightly, or when you haven't washed it in a while, or sometimes it does this if you just don't style it... it still looks slightly rock'n'roll as it were, so if that's what you're going for, then you'll be completely fine.

Now, I got my hair recut the other day, just a trim, keep the layers short and edgy, and i've been working on styling it ever since (let me know if you want a tutorial on Joan Jett/Noel Fielding hair, as I know it's hard to find them online, and the only ones i've ever found have been cack.) my hairdresser taught me how to...


Front view, just styled, much more bouffant than normal, thanks to the recutting and styling of the short layers 

A very blurry view of the short layers on top that give it that little boost.

A big ol' mess of layers and colour from the side (it's bright than that, it's just nighttime here and my webcam doesn't like artificial light... or any light at all really.)

The back layers poofing up, the lower ones could do with a bit of a mess as well really, but i'll probably give it a quick backcomb before school tomorrow underneath the very bottom of my head working up, just to give it a boost for the day, no hairspray for me though, weighs my hair right down.

Another side view, you can see the sweeping layers coming in at the sides here, I had these cut in to shape around my face, making my big ass hamster cheeks look a bit more subtle, and hiding the fact that I have hardly visible cheekbones by creating a shadow. CRAFTY ;)

As I say, if you've got, or are thinking of getting a Noel Fielding/Joan Jett cut, and want to know how to style it quick and easily in under 20 minutes, let me know and i'll gladly make a tutorial, it may have to be photographs and silent videos though, as my microphone is cack. 


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