Saturday, 4 February 2012

Eating Little and Often or Eating 3 Large Meals A Day?

I am constantly curious as to what is better, 3 large meals a day, or eating little and often. I have heard people say they do either and I couldn't help but google it!

And the results are...


Little and Often!

According to some scientists what i done read about on the internet somewhere. Humans are natural grazers, we prefer to eat on the go, and large meals sit in our stomachs, hard to digest due to their volume, which is why we can sometimes get bloated for a long time after a meal. (I know I am almost always suffering with being bloated, I don't think i've ever gone a day without feeling bloated after eating... probably a sign I should eat a bit slower and chew my food a bit better - and not like a fucking animal... so that my stomach doesn't have to go into overdrive to cope with the huge chunks of food i'm sending it's way.) But eating little and often keeps us going through the day, and providing we don't snack only on crisps and chocolate, and vary between other things like fruit, pasta, things with carbs and vitamins in them (smoothies and milkshakes are very good snacks, as they fill you up more than you think! Try drinking a whole smoothie or milkshake then eating a meal after... you'll never finish... if you do... well damn, well done to you, your stomach is more accomplished than mine.) then we can function much better. Due to our 21st century laziness/busyness, we have little time to prepare food, and if we are lucky enough to have parents who make us dinner, we often can't always wait and gorge on other things whilst waiting, and then only eat half the dinner... essentially a snack portion. At least I do that. But people who eat this way have been shown to apparently have healthier diets than those that don't!

So there you have it! Little and Often is the way forward!

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