Saturday, 24 March 2012

10 Guilty Pleasures.

I feel I have far too many guilty pleasures that should cease to be guilty.

So here is a list of things I secretly like, that will henceforth, no longer be a secret.

1)Miranda. - The tv show, the woman. Her awkward, cringeworthy, sometimes almost Mr Bean-esque moments just make me giggle, I loved and still love Mr Bean, and that is no secret, and so neither is Miranda. The Tv Series itself, sadly, I must admit, reminds me of a over dramatised version of my own life. The way she seems to be surrounded by either absolute fools, the occasional genuine friend, or someone exceedingly attractive and the way she copes with those people, reminds me of myself. I'm lucky enough to have friends that do just accept who and what I seem to be, unlike Miranda, whose friends and family are constantly trying to change her, often for the worse. But I do often find myself surrounded by idiots, or creepy motherfuckers, and if not those, then just rarely, I see someone attractive, and I do exactly as she does.

Fuck it up.

We are both in essence, fucking ridiculous, with a sense of humour that only we seem to laugh at, we never fail to embarrass ourselves or find ourselves in stupid scenarios, and we cannot flirt without driving everyone within a 90 mile radius far, far away.

2)Lady Gaga - I give no fucks. I like her music, i'm not a 'little monster' as it were, just because I think I missed that fandom bandwagon, and yeah, whilst I know that she used weirdness as a way of jumping into the public eye almost overnight, I also know that an idiot can't do that, and she manipulated the media into sky-rocketing her into fame. For that I think she's got the right idea as an artist who wants to be heard. I think her music is great, songs like Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. are so catchy that I have to restrain myself from dancing on the bus. So there. I love her. Fuck the police.

3) Amy and Rory Pond/Rory Constantly Dying/The Christmas Who Episode 2011. - I love Amy and Rory, I love Karen and Arthur too. I love their relationship on the show, and if it was up to me, they would be leaving happily, not in some horrifically tragic way like Moffat has trolled us with hints of. (Fuck you Moffat you little bitch.)  I find it hilarious that Rory constantly died, it was just funny, admittedly, if it led to nothing in the plot line, it was a tad weak. But it was still so funny when you recounted that he died about 8 times.

Also, even though everyone else hates it and says that the plot was shit, The Doctor's behaviour and actions were shit, the other actors were shit, and that the only good thing was Bill Bailey cameo (which i agree, was WAY too short, though i did love the cameo of the Mother who is also the Mum in Outnumbered! A brilliant show with an equally brilliant cast, especially that little girl, man she is going to go places when she grows up.) i found the whole episode completely ridiculous in a good way. I didn't care too much to ponder or think about logic. IT'S FUCKING CHRISTMAS. WHO NEEDS LOGIC. IF SHE WANTS TO FLY HER HUSBAND OUT OF A STORM USING A FUCKING GIANT TREE CASTLE THINGY. FUCK IT. WHY NOT. IT'S CHRISTMAS. DO WHAT YOU LIKE.

I found it to be nice. I enjoyed the nod to Narnia, I liked the cast, the set, the music, the storyline. Not a single fuck was given that day.

4)Amy Winehouse (before she was dead. No... for real.) - A lot of people say "OH I LIKED THEM BEFORE THEY DIED." But really... i did! Honestly! Don't get me wrong I wasn't a die hard fan, but i thought she had the most fantastic voice, and i was sad that she was the way she was, and she was recovering, but i think she either relapsed and OD'd by mistake, or her body just collapsed from the previous damage... I liked her so much, and i was so sad when she died, and i will admit, however, that i got more into her since she died, but I always liked her, and i still like her, and she's still great, and yeah, she did still take drugs, and i'm not romanticising her life, i'm just saying that i really love her, cause i do.

5) Counting calories.

I know it's something people tell you not to do because it leads to eat disorders.

But i totally love seeing how much everything has, what's good for you, what's bad for you, realising something you love has hardly anything in them, and then proceeding to eat a shit ton of that thing, or realising some of your smaller activities burn a shit ton. I don't even care, it's just fun to log and count and feel you've achieved if you've burned so much in a day, especially without realising! Brilliant (:

6) Irish accents. - Oh god... mfft. Nuff said.


8)Gotye - Yes, i found out about him from Somebody That I Used To Know, which is a fantastic song, but his other songs are brilliant too! Though i do seem to feel a lot of people in the room roll their eyes when i say that I like Gotye, though i've no idea why... perhaps it's because he's quite current, and nowerdays if it's in the charts, it's shite.

9)Crunchy Nut Clusters - They might be completely pricey as fuck, but i could eat a whole box dry or with milk. The adverts are right. They are ludicrously tasty. I love them SO much. You've got NO idea. bavsidavsda

10)Well dressed men, tall men, musicians, men who look like noel fielding, noel fielding, men who look like 1980's rockstars, well spoken men, ginger men, funny men, emotionally open men, thespian men, smart men, men with green eyes.

These are all the people i find attractive.

Especially Noel Fielding.

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