Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Giant Hoodies, Chinese Pizza Ice Cream Buffet and Hayley Cooper On Being 1/3 Ginger.


"Is you okay? Is you? Good 'cause I wanted to know." - Is how Glozell1 on youtube opens her most recent videos and it cracks me up every time.

Okay! So what's new!

Well it's *officially* easter now! Which means we have two weeks off! Woopdeshoop! So naturally, this is the only time I will ever have a social life, because all the people I hung out with an awful lot are back for some more hanginz.

Though saying that, I hope to still see the people who I regularly see anyway :')

To kick off the hangathon, I stayed over at Beckies on Friday, and ended up being so adamant that she needed to see the Austin Powers Movies that I ordered the DVD's online, and considering she is coming over tomorrow, they had best arrive. GOSH.

We ate pizza and made pancakes which was fun :3 watched some old shit on the telly, i can't even remember what xD It was a good night :')

Then today I went out into town with Zoe, we went for noodles at a chinese place, but we were still hungry and thought the place was a bit pricey to be buying another box to share... especially as they boxes are smaller now, but more expensive... so we went to pizza hut, originally just for ice cream... but then we found out there was a Pizza Buffet... Oh lordy. We ate so much. I feel and look bloated as hell, like a fucking beach ball... but it was so worth it. After gorging ourselves, I got a few things, including... you guessed it... some more hair dye!


This is actually my successful venture! ...Sort of... :P

I bought Superdrugs Own (because i've used them in the past and they are always brilliant.) Copper Mango Burst because they just rereleased their ginger shade, so I had to try it!

Now, due to all the dark dye on my hair from last summer, the darker half of my hair, which thankfully, is starting to progress towards the lower half of my hair, which may end up being chopped off anyway if I get my original length cut back in... but the middle section is a darkish red, and then there are my regular roots growing through.

So I thought "Okay, I know the dark tips are here til they grow out, but the red bits may lighten, and the roots will dye bright colours really easily." So I put on a box of the ginger dye, and it, as expected, did little to the dark tips, but lightened the red to a more vibrant colour, and also gave it a copper tone, meaning that when it fades, it will fade to ginger! :D And the roots, well they are a really light ginger colour! Properly light!

However, the roots were only about two inches, give or take, so they aren't hugely visible without actually looking directly at the top of my head, or under my fringe (: BUT. It's progress! Because it means that I know what dye to get when I want to next dye my roots, and it means over the next few months, I will progressively get more ginger, so by uni, i will be officially 1/2 ginger xD

Here's what I look like at the moment (:

As you can see, my hair looks like fire! >:D Which I absolutely adore.

Now as the roots grow through more and more, my hair will gradually get more visibly ginger, which I am excited for :D It looks a little blondish here, but it's quite coppery (: It looks pretty natural too, so perhaps it will look like i've got ginger roots growing through xD One can dream :')

So that's my hair! 

Now onto something that came as rather something of a surprise! 

I woke up the other morning, opened my bedroom door and there was a little package that my mum had put there, and it was from Lincoln University!

I had put them down as my firm choice recently, and as a result, they sent me a hoodie!!

Not just a hoodie though, the softest, biggest, warmest, most comfortable hoodie ever.

I love hoodies, and I adore my red one too, so now I have two to switch between depending on my level of laziness and comfort that day xD I can see this coming out during variety rehearsals if the weather stays the way it is now. 

Because they don't know everyones size, they just get them all in large and dispatch that way, which means this thing basically drowns me, which I kind of like really, because it's a nice, safe, comforting hoodie! I also feel officially excited for Uni now. Of course I cannot wear this if I don't get in xD But I think BG does hoodies too xD so i'll at least end up with 3 hoodies from different uni's as my red one is Oakland Uni in america xD Beautiful.

So comfy. So official. So sleepy.

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