Friday, 20 April 2012

Harley Quinn Inspired Outfit

Harley Quinn Inspired Outfit
Today, I went for a Harley Quinn inspired outfit, after staying up late last night reading Gotham City Sirens! Which is such a good comic book series! SO good!

I adore Harley Quinn, and I always have, in case you couldn't tell from... well this...

or this...
or these...

So as you can see I really love the damn character, she's a laugh and a half, and utterly brilliant in every way, especially in that particular comic series, she's ace, and I adore seeing all three of the Gotham Girls in their own series! Brilliant!

                           Anyway, so today I went for this outfit choice!

Without Jacket

With Jacket

Combat booties :3

Earlier today at school, we had headshots taken for the program being made for our Variety performance next month, so this was mine (:

I appreciate the waistcoat and jacket don't blend well together, so the next time I wear this, I think i'll leave it out and keep the top underneath that reads "I am the girl anachronism!" From The Dresden Dolls song Girl Anachronism. I opted with bunches hanging down rather than pigtails sticking out of the side, for two reasons... 1) Bunches disguise my sticky out ears far better. 2) It might look bordering on cosplay, and it wasn't really what I wanted to do at school :P 

So that was my outfit today!

What's your favourite comic book character, and/or do you have any inspired outfits that have come from these characters? I'd love to know!

Hayley Out!

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