Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Work, University, and Spending All My Damn Money

Hello my darling readers!

It's been an odd week for me, emotionally and financially!

I've been working my arse off with revision trying to ensure I don't fail psychology... but then again, I never was very good at it, even when I try my very hardest... but not failing ensures I get a place at university, so I am revising like my life depends upon it, and if I don't, it means I could miss my university place by 10 points! However, I am calling up the University tomorrow to talk to them about it, just in case there is a chance I could be allowed in, as there's been a misunderstanding with one of my enrichment courses, meaning it's not worth a damn thing! So that's what causes me to fall short of the ucas points I need! When I was told it was worth something! >:( So i'll be on the phone all day tomorrow, as I've got to sort that out, sort out my student finance that has buggered all up all over the place thanks to some lost paperwork down at the HMR place! But hopefully we'll sort it all out tomorrow! I've then got to ring up a few places i've applied for work at and see how that goes!

So when i've not been working on that, i've been working with Btec! Well I say working, more like finishing... and finished we have... I'll be making a post on that shortly... as it's too big a chapter of my life to squeeze into one paragraph of a blog post.

When i've not been finishing off all my classes and such, i've been working in the school at my cleaning job, which ends as of next week D: I'm considering extending my work there, even if it means I have to come into school from the start of the day... or walk 50 minutes to the bus stop that will actually take me... just so that my job holds out a little longer into summer so that I can have a bit of extra money in case the jobs i've applied for decide against hiring me (which I greatly hope they don't do!)

I just got paid on Thursday, and i'm ashamed to say i've nearly spent all of it, and it was a lot of money... oops.

However, I have bought an awful lot of lovely things, a lot of which has yet to arrive, however, as soon as it does, expect an influx of blog posts and photos! Eep. It's going to be a fun summer... provided I get a job to keep funding my overly expensive habits! Looks like I won't be socialising much this summer! >.<

On another note... i'd just like to share this photograph a friend of mine took when she went to London, I hope she won't mind me sharing it, but I can just as easily take it down if she does (:

My friend Hannah went on a trip to London and in a toilet cubicle found this written across the wall.

Now, if you're a BBC Sherlock fan like I am, then you'll appreciate how much of a state I was in when I saw it, had I seen it in person, I would probably have attempted to take the stall with me. It's these sort of things that give me multiple nerdgasms, and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

That's all I have for the moment!


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