Thursday, 23 August 2012



In what seems to be a rather drastic change of pace - and more notably, topic. I'm here to provide you with photographic evidence of what has been a small session of me, attempting to get my cosplaying shit together.

As a result, have some photographs.

This one was a recreation of the classic 'Dontcha Wanna Rev Up Your Harley?' scene,  the difference being that my night gown is black, hers was red, but seeing as black, red and white are her colours (much like they are mine.) I figured she'd probably have a black one lying around too. Well that is just my excuse until I can find a nice red one.

The editing has caused some blurring I hadn't noticed until after i'd saved it to jpg, so i'm afraid i'm rather stuck with it now...

Whilst i like the expression, I don't like the way the cowl sits, so I'll be getting a new one, as the curls are all wrong... and I'm becoming aware of my need for a latex mask, as oppose to my current makeshift one, but all in good time.

This one I like, because you can't see the string of the mask, and I just quite enjoy the face I'm pulling... for some reason, it pleases me. The cowl still bugs me though... but oh well!

I just had to :') 

I'll keep you updated if any more follow!

I have very little to say about these, except for the faults I feel need correcting really... anyway... even though no one ever does, I still encourage you to leave comments, share, whatever you wanna do, or don't wanna do :')


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