Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just A Note To Say...

I understand I have not been updating as I said I would, but I've had very little to report about my little life. Apart from being unemployed, barely making ends meet for the summer, anxiously awaiting exam results, occasionally seeing friends and sleeping. I've done very little worth documenting.

I also realise though this blog lists all nice things I've been up to, along side outfits and tutorials, etc etc... It seems very much to be lacking any true essence of myself, and I feel as though I've tried to make my blog very friendly and things like that, but it's beginning to sound less and less like me and more like some sort of television personality.

My laptop is currently in for repair (which is a right let down.) so I'm updating from my iPod, but as soon as it comes back from the repair shop, I'll try to get blogging properly again.


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