Monday, 2 September 2013

Murdoc Niccals Inspired Outfit

Murdoc Niccals Inspired Outfit

Yo, so I'm back again, many moons later.
What a strange year it's been at university! Yet here I am!

This time I'm back with a more refined Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz inspired outfit!

Sadly I don't have a tripod yet, so these outfit selfies have to be done by other people or in a mirror, and I'm on my own at the moment!

Here's what it looks like! Apologise for this mirror view!  I switched the jeans out for some ripped tights because they just suited me better, ripped jeans would have been even better but for some reason I can't rip jeans properly... I've got about 50000 pairs of black skinny jeans now... So it's not like I'm short of then... I just don't know how to rip them well! Any tips would be great!

Here's the make up, spiked collar and military hat (Which is genuine Royal Army by the way :P)

I prefer this updated version of the outfit, it feels like it has more of the Gorillaz aesthetic whilst still retaining an individual look and feel. 

Hayley Out!