Monday, 21 May 2012

A Lot More Ginge!

So here's another hair update.

I got it cut again, and the hairdresser messed up the fringe, it's too short and a bit chunky, but it'll grow back in... ah well, i'll find a new hair dresser... Anyway, here's a photo of my roots.

Here's what I used! I've talked about it before, Superdrugs own vibrant range!

Whilst I was there I also purchased this! Dry shampoo is brilliant for if you're in a rush, and this type  (probably released as a jubilee thing...) smells pretty nice too!

Later that day!

Ginge! It's come out really nicely!

Check it that auburn glow :')

The crown of my head, complete with ridiculous layers.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is probably one of the best brands of hair dye out there! It comes out with vibrant results every time! It refreshed the red I had applied too, so it's starting to look lovely now :D As it grows out, the ginger should become more visible, and then the three tones will get to be much clearer! And to think, this all came from me making a terrible hair choice! So it goes to show you can make the best of a bad situation! I'd have never thought to do this with my hair if not for the black hair dye!

So that's all for now! Watch this space for an up and coming outfit idea! Think Gorillaz! I'll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of my hair!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Blondie, Cameras and A Whole Lot Of Nothing!

Hello there my readers!

Just a quick update on how things have been going over at Chez Hayley!

I will be doing more outfit posts however with juggling work and a show coming up, i've rarely had a day to dress nicely, if i've got work, I just stick on something easy to manoeuvre in and something that won't be a tragedy if paint goes down it (as I clean a lot of art rooms!) so I've not had much to document!

One thing I do have to document though, is that the replacement lens came through the post for my new Canon 350D SLR! The only downside is it was ordered as a birthday present and so as a consequence I won't be seeing it until July, however, my mum has granted me a few days to play with it before it has to go away for two months D':

When I actually have it properly, i'll be buying a tripod, so that I can properly document my outfits of the day without dodgy camera angles, flash reflection in mirrors, or pestering my mother or my friends.

You'll be seeing a lot more that way!

As for my day, i'm afraid to report very little happened! Schoolwise anyway, though I did have to carry 9 costumes and 5 pairs of shoes to school on the bus with me :P So that was fun! The show is this coming Thursday night, it's a variety show and I think we're just about ready, it should be really good from the looks of it, we've got some killer acts! All we did today was sort out costumes and paint a few masks up for one of the dance pieces, so there's that!

After which, however, a good friend of mine, James, came round to my house so that I could bleach his hair (for the second time) because he wanted to go blonde, I can honestly say it looks lovely! Here's a few pictures of the two and a half week process!

Here's his natural colour, quite dark, as you can see!

This was after we applied bleach, then washed it out, then dyed it, as you can see, I think this is by far, his best look. Cute, int' he?

Here is the result, don't mind the cute little puppy :') Now as his hair was quite dark, the bleach only lifted so much the first time round, and it was also setting his scalp on fire, so I thought it might be a good idea to start getting it out before he developed a skin condition. It left with this kind of goldeny glow that you get with bleached hair, but we just waited a week (and a bit!) and today we dyed once more!

Looking sexy as ever! The second bleach application! (It recommends 35-40 minutes sitting time... so James chose a wise 37 minutes.) Then onto the dye!

A little Marilyn shot because... oh well come on, you have to, don't you?

The finished product! :D Not bad if I do say so myself!

He has short back and sides in his natural colour, and unfortunately, when I wasn't aware, some of the bleach dripped down onto a side, luckily though, he can cover it with those bits of his hair, and his grows at an extraordinary rate... (one and a half weeks after the first bleach, his roots were already nearly 2cm visible when he lifted his fringe! I wish mine grew that quickly!) Meaning it'll soon grow out and he can trim it down again, maximum time it'll be there... i'd give it two to three weeks! 

We used B-Blonde bottle developer with B-Blonde Powder Sachets, followed by Live XXL Absolute Platinum (Warning, will sting your scalp a little, start at the tips, work to the roots if you want to sit through it for as little time as possible.) And for those curious, his hair is in ace condition, you can't even tell it's had peroxides all over it, still pretty soft, obviously, every person's hair varies, and I can't promise yours won't go  dry, however, I think so long as you rest the hair between bleaches, only bleach the roots when they come through, not just the whole head of hair, and remember to condition, then you should be fine!

 That's all for now, here's a photo to sum up my day!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flared Sleeves and The Pierces Style!

Hello bloggers and blog readers!

Sorry that I haven't blogged in quite a while, but there's really been nothing to report on whatsoever! However, as the summer approaches, so will my pay check, not to mention my birthday, which should mean money which will mean clothes and other such things!

I'm pretty excited for summer, and more importantly, university! That's right kids! I'm nearly an official grownedup! With my 18th Birthday soon approaching, you can guarantee that you'll find me sitting around doing everthing I already do... as i'm a teetotaller, not too keen on alcohol as it makes me feel sick after hardly a second glass, and also as I hate large, loud crowds (excluding concerts, of course.) and the smell of sick and drunken people, you won't find me at any club this year... i'll probably just go to lazerquest or better... Twin Lakes.



With summer and university approaching, i've had my eye on a few items of clothing!

 I adore off the shoulder numbers, and I adore angelic sleeves like this. So to combine the two would be glorious. I've had my eye on a white version of this dress! I've wanted this dress ever since I saw The Pierces live and Allison was wearing one.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo I could find of her wearing it, but I know it's a topshop dress, but it's no longer available, and the only others I can find for sale are all size 12, which won't fit me unfortuantely :/

However, i've seen a similar one and i'm keeping a close eye on it.

I adore flared boho style sleeves, as they just sing care-free and whimsical! And anyone who has ever seen the psychidelic-folk-rock show that is The Pierces, they will understand how the dress reflects that feel. They are very much into the boho vibe and I adore it!

 Catherine (Right) and Allison (Left) are playing live, and I absolutely adore Catherines outfit here, it is beautiful and bohotastic.
This is another show they did, and I loooooooove their outfits a silly amount! Catherine looks like she's steped straight out of 1960's London and Allison looks as though she's just on her way to Woodstock! Even though it's a photo flaw, the hazy, blurred look was sort of how it felt watching them play, the music was just so hypnotic that you kind of lost yourself in it, also, props to the lighting guys, they lit it so beautifully!

Anyway, i'm rambling... so that's my number one must have, is a boho style dress with flared sleeve/s!

I love their style and I think they'll definitely be influencing my summer choices, if I can find the right dresses that is! I'm very picky!

But of course, it pays to be picky! You don't want to buy any old thing just because it's cheap and sort of alright, you have to love everything you buy, or you just won't wear it enough to get your moneys worth, and it's just a waste!

So that's all i've to say at the moment! But i'll keep you updated on a few of my art projects and other such things as soon as possible!

Hayley! <3