Sunday, 29 January 2012

This has just happened to me.

Would anyone like to explain what just happened, and why a Cliff Richard Fanatic is so determined that i should meet my death.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Consulting T-Shirt

My Consulting Detective T-shirt Finally came in the post today, I ordered it from and although it took a while to come, it's pretty damn good!

Thanks to the sizing charts on Redbubble being not only american sizes, but insanely odd and I think a bit inaccurate I got really confused as to how big it was going to be, I was worried because although i'd ordered the slim female fit t-shirt, I'd ordered it in a medium not small, so thanks to the sizing chart, I was convinced it was going to be huge... but it arrived and it seems to fit pretty well, it's not too loose or tight, which is great, because I don't have to send off for another... However, it is a bit awkward when you realise you've ordered a size too big and then it arrives and still fits perfectly ._. 


Homage to Joan Jett.

Hey so I said I may upload some OOTD's :D (Outfit Of The Day!) but I don't always have great outfits or a camera to hand, but I wanted to get a quick snap of this outfit.

It's nothing too special, a pretty simple and thrown together one, but I love wearing it, it's a copy of the Joan Jett style, and it's influenced by her band, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (as noted by the hand painted t-shirt) but also, a bit a tribute to her home made Sex Pistols t-shirt that gained rather a lot of notability over the years, and was shown in the film The Runaways.

The original Joan Jett and her custom t-shirt, and The Runaways movie version worn by Kristen Stewart.

I just threw in some wristbands and a necklace to give it more life and make it look a bit busier without being too OTT, and just wore my black skinny jeans and some red high top converse, as Joan Jett did wear converse a reasonable amount, and I understand why, they are really good shoes.

Recommended for You!

I've just finished Season 2 of Sherlock and I realised I watch quite a lot of things that I find to be brilliant, so I figured... time for my top 10 things to watch!

10. The Ricky Gervais Show.

A show wherein 3 men, Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, and Karl Pilkington discuss news, travel, every day life and issues in a brilliantly comical way. Taken from a well know podcast, the series comes to life with animations depicting the hilarious anecdotes... Famous for Karl Pilkingtons simpleton outlook on the world, his resemblance to a chimp, his nonsensical, illogical comments, mispronunciation of words, complete lack of perspective and rational thinking and of course... perfectly spherical head like 'a fucking orange'. This show will have you giggling like a maniac, and if that doesn't do it, Ricky and Steve's running commentary on Karl's opinions and ideas will have you pissing yourself, and even if that doesn't do it, then Ricky's hilarious laugh and Steve's outrage voice will surely give you a smirk.

Animated episodes made from the podcast they used to do, a 3 series show, it's hilarious, there are no words to describe my intense love for these three men. Especially Karl Pilkington... which brings me onto my next point.

9. An Idiot Aboard 1 & 2

An Idiot Abroad series 1 was based around the travels of Karl Pilkington, who was sent to some of the dankest corners of the world, with the idea put into his mind by Ricky and Steve, that he was going to nice places. In this series they send him to some of the weirdest places on earth to meet some of the strangest people, try the nastiest food, and get all kinds of bowel irritations. He went to see the Seven Wonders of The World, and usually had to make a rigorous journey to get there. However, Karl is known world wide for his ability to remain constantly unimpressed by everything and his skills at moaning are second to none, never happy about anything, and rarely seen smiling, Karl often has completely mundane views on some of the worlds greatest monuments and sights to see... at one point claiming the Great Wall of China should be renamed to The Alright Wall of China.

In this clip, they show the Best Bits of Karl's time in Mexico, wherein he goes wrestling, and endures a mexican festival renowned for causing injury, at one point, his guide runs to him, smiling, pointing to his arm saying with glee "Karl I just got burned!" While Karl himself tries to suck in all his body mass to hide behind a lamppost. Worth a watch.

In series 2, Karl is sent around the world again, this time to complete a bucket list he has chosen, but of course, with Ricky and Steven involved, it would never be that simple... when Karl chose a day alone on a desert island, he probably imagined white sand, palm trees, perhaps even a small forest or jungle to gather food from. What he instead had was a small island, that in his description, looked like a muffin, that was very small, very rainy, very rocky, and with very little to look at. On top of this, the tribes forced him into wearing underwear made of leaves, as a sign of respect. Although Karl has chosen his bucket list himself, Ricky and Steve often send him on detours along his journey, meaning he underwent astronaut g-force training, attended a cuddle party, lost very badly at sumo wrestling, met a lot of transexual japanese women/ formerly men, among other things. Sometimes his bucket list would actually just be changed entirely, from swimming with dolphins, for example, to swimming with sharks. Karls commentary throughout makes it hilarious viewing, and if nothing else, it's brilliant for those who are big fans of schadenfreude. 

One of my favourite episodes :')

(Also, since the release of series 2, people have begun making movie posters about Karl, and here is my favourite.)

8.Black Books.

If you haven't already seen Black Books, you should try to as soon as possible, it's a little gem of a series that's gone a little unnoticed by the majority of people, or it has become one of those series where people know the name, but haven't really seen it. 

Black Books is set in a book shop somewhere in London I believe, it is run by Bernard Black (Dylan Moran), a constantly drunk, alcoholic, chain smoking, angry irishman. He works next door to Fran (Tamsin Grieg) who runs a knick-knack and curios shop next to his book stop, the two are old friends and regularly drink together. One day during an odd street fight they both meet Manny (Bill Bailey) who during an incident involving swallowing a miniature pocket book, temporarily loses sanity, after regaining it thanks to Bernard stopping the fight as a means of getting injured, so that he won't have to fill out his tax returns, Manny offers to do his tax returns for him, as he just recently lost his job doing just such things. Drunkely, Bernard offers Manny a job in the bookshop, and the entire series is set from there. Usually completely ridiculous things occur, involving completely ridiculous people and characters, almost always resolved by the end, and almost always involving copious amounts of wine. It's a slightly black comedy, with ridiculous bits of utter insanity woven tightly into it. 

Unfortunately, thanks to copyright from Channel 4, there are no short clips on youtube to upload, however, 4od does have all the episodes available, so here is the first episode to start you off!

7. The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd has gotten a lot of publicity over it's past few seasons, so most people will know of it by now. If you don't however, here's a brief summary.

At the heart of Reynholm industries is the reliable IT department, set in the basement of the building, it consists of Moss, a man whom makes the words 'Computer Geek' an understatement. Roy, a lazy Irish IT technician who's main joy in life seems to be complaining... and finding both himself and Moss in the weirdest situations... And Jen, trusty relationships adviser... who knows absolutely nothing about computers... or relationships.

I feel that describing the hilarious brand of humour the IT Crowd delivers is difficult, as it's a type of humour i've rarely come across before, so rather than try and feebly describe it to you, here is a clip...

6. The Mighty Boosh 

The Mighty Boosh has generated somewhat of a phenomenal fan base over the years, and much like The IT Crowd, words fail me in trying to describe it. A brilliant show full of brilliant ideas. Quotable and hilarious.

Here is one of my favourite, and one of the most well know episodes to date. In full! :')

5. Doctor Who

If you don't already watch Doctor Who, I will exercise my right to force you to. I would love to go into a description of the show, but being so iconic, and so long running, the description would either be inadequate, or far too long. I went to wikipedia. 

"Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord, a time-traveling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor who explores the universe in a sentient time machine called the TARDIS that flies through time and space, whose exterior appears as a blue police box from 1963 London which is when the Series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, he faces a variety of foes while working to save civilisations, help people, and right wrongs."

So there you have it! And though Doctor Who always has running themes of humour throughout, it's not actually a comedy, it's Sci-Fi/Adventure, however, I couldn't help but take clips from the current Doctor's funniest moments that I found on youtube, so here's a quick introduction to Doctor Number 11! 

(By the way, it doesn't say in the wiki description, but The Doctor can do this thing called Regenerating, which is when his body starts to die, or shut down, and it regenerates itself a new body, same mind, new body, meaning various actors can play the role, also meaning the series can go for as long as people will write for it.) 

(Bow ties are cool.)

4.Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

This isn't a series in the traditional sense, it's a panel quiz show, however, it is pretty damn funny, there's not a lot to say other than the fact that it's a comedy based quiz show... and the fact that Simon Amstell used to host it, so it must be good, also Phil Jupitus and Noel Fielding are regular panel hosts. 

Arguably one of the funniest episodes in a long time.

Oh and if you google Never mind The Buzzcocks, you get copious amounts of Noel Fielding. I am okay wiht this.

3.Flight of The Concords.

I can't really explain what it is I find funny about this show, perhaps it's the awkward nature of the main characters, or the purposely stilted sense of humour with which they deliver their lines, or the ridiculously funny and sometimes uncomfortable songs they write, or perhaps it's simply the storyline... regardless of what it is... There is just something great about this show.

If the thumbnail isn't enough to make you click play, i don't know what will.

2. Sherlock.

The BBC adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories never ever fails to disappoint. The only bad thing about it is the fact that there are only 3 episodes per season, and currently to date, only two seasons, with a third now being eagerly anticipated. The writers do a brilliant job, and in my attempts to write a review, I became very aware that there was so much good stuff to write about, I couldn't fit it all in without simply stating what had happened in the episodes from start to finish. The portrayal of every character is so perfect, every role was perfectly cast and every line perfectly delivered. The storyline obviously comes from the original Arthur Conan-Doyle books, but set in Modern Day London, with John Watson as an ex Army Doctor and Sherlock as a self proclaimed Consulting Detective. Amazing cinematography, fantastic actors, outfits and scenery, as well as brilliant visual explanations and representations of the deduction thought process used to solve crimes. Action packed, thrilling, moving and also, really rather humourous in many places. It is easily one of my favourite shows to watch, everything down to the sets, music and an undeniably attractive cast is perfect. Not a fault to pick anywhere. 

This is the season 1 trailer, give it a watch, then watch all six episodes, then thank me.

1. Dexter.

Dexter has to be my one of my all time favourite series. I've watched all 6 now, and i'm glad to hear there will be another 2... luckily, so far, Dexter hasn't become one of those shows that starts to get worse with every series, it has it's high and low points, and every fan has their favourite series. No matter which yours is, you can bet on your life that it'll be brilliant. 

Dexter is about a serial killer... who kills other killers. Almost good in a deranged way. Trained by his adoptive father, a police officer at Miami Metro Homicide, Dexter has learnt to cover his tracks, never get caught, and always kill the people that deserve it, the people the police can't catch. However, whilst also maintaining his dark desires, he finds himself having to try to appear completely normal and human, despite being almost completely emotionally void on the inside. He does this by working IN Miami Metro Homicides forensic department, as a blood splatter analyst, cutting it kind of close to the skin there, I know... pun not intended, but working alongside his adoptive sister Debra, who works in homicide, the very department that would end up investigating him, were he ever to leave behind any evidence, he finds the advantage of his job means that he can use full forensic facilities, cover his tracks, and mislead the police away from a serial killer, just so that Dexter himself can kill him or her instead. He also tries to appear outwardly normal by sustaining a relationship with his girlfriend Rita, and her two kids Astor and Cody. But whilst his outward appearance seems normal, his secretive serial killer catching skills are far from normal. Armed with animal tranquillizer, half a ton of plastic wrap, a whole set of knives and a couple of bin bags... Dexter is more than prepared to catch himself a killer... but more often than not, complications arise when he's faced with a serial killer just like himself... a very brilliant show all round, I'm always left hanging on my seat waiting for the next episode.

With an ace scoundtrack, mind-blowing internal monologues, fantastic storylines, and even a bit of humour thrown in for good measure, this is a must see series. Not to mention Michael C. Hall gets more attractive the more you watch.

This has been a post. Thank you, and enjoy your viewing!

Know any good series? Suggest them in the comments box below, you never know, we could have something in common, or you could end up introducing me, or any other readers, to something new and really cool, thanks in advance! :D

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hair Style and Inspiration!

I know I said no more, but I have to share this with you...

Now, if you couldn't already tell, my hair is my prize possession, I love it no matter what, and since it's red return, I love it even more. I love it because it just is the most trolling hair around, it always does the opposite of what you tell it to do and is messy as fuck constantly.


I love scruffy hair, so much so that I got a Noel Fielding haircut to celebrate it's unruliness!

But the style I have is also a Joan Jett style, and can be styled up to look like that too

(if i look that good at 50 something, I'll be pleased as all shit.)

Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett in The Runaways Movie looked damn fine with that cut.

I own a jacket just like this, solely because of this movie. 

S'more Joany for you.

Anywho, it's one thing having that hair cut, it's another maintaining the style... when you don't style it, and just blow dry it looks like this

(Kristen here, Joan has a different style now)

Or my favourite example...

This is what happens when the style starts to grow out slightly, or when you haven't washed it in a while, or sometimes it does this if you just don't style it... it still looks slightly rock'n'roll as it were, so if that's what you're going for, then you'll be completely fine.

Now, I got my hair recut the other day, just a trim, keep the layers short and edgy, and i've been working on styling it ever since (let me know if you want a tutorial on Joan Jett/Noel Fielding hair, as I know it's hard to find them online, and the only ones i've ever found have been cack.) my hairdresser taught me how to...


Front view, just styled, much more bouffant than normal, thanks to the recutting and styling of the short layers 

A very blurry view of the short layers on top that give it that little boost.

A big ol' mess of layers and colour from the side (it's bright than that, it's just nighttime here and my webcam doesn't like artificial light... or any light at all really.)

The back layers poofing up, the lower ones could do with a bit of a mess as well really, but i'll probably give it a quick backcomb before school tomorrow underneath the very bottom of my head working up, just to give it a boost for the day, no hairspray for me though, weighs my hair right down.

Another side view, you can see the sweeping layers coming in at the sides here, I had these cut in to shape around my face, making my big ass hamster cheeks look a bit more subtle, and hiding the fact that I have hardly visible cheekbones by creating a shadow. CRAFTY ;)

As I say, if you've got, or are thinking of getting a Noel Fielding/Joan Jett cut, and want to know how to style it quick and easily in under 20 minutes, let me know and i'll gladly make a tutorial, it may have to be photographs and silent videos though, as my microphone is cack. 


Vox Humana - The Human Voice.

Just one more post... the video that inspired the title of this blog (:

University Applications and Hair Dye

Well, today's been a very uneventful day.

I had the day off as my lessons were cancelled, and I was planning to go to Liana's house, but unfortunately, the travel arrangements were proving difficult so I ended up staying put.

So in my attempts to procrastinate from things I should be doing, I'll write one more blog for the night, now that my blog is officially customized and set up all nice and what not.

So here's a little update.

For those of you not in the know, i'm in year 13, which to my american readers, is the Twelfth Grade. We're all about just over half way through the year, we've got 4 and a half months until we go on exam leave, and after my Psychology exams, i won't be returning to that wretched school ever again! However, I won't be leaving for University until around September time... ):

However, just recently, earlier last week, my University application form (UCAS) sent off, so now I play the waiting game. Apparently my top choice gets back to you within about 2 weeks, though this is a busy period, so I fear the wait might be longer :S

However, hopefully i'll get a place there and it will be amazing! I'm so excited to be going, the place i've applied for, Lincoln, (well, my top choice is there, i've applied for others) is so lovely, I hope they accept me, I would love to go to Bishops Grosseteste University College and I think I'd adore living in Lincoln, as I've been a few times and it's a lovely place to be.

As stated in a previous blog post, that can be found here I've been dying my hair a lot recently, attempting to regain my previous bright red tones... and whilst my hair is a much brighter shade red now than it has been previously, it's still rather dark at the ends and the only solution other than absolutely frying it to shit, is every time the roots need doing, dye it with a dye that has lightening agent in it, added peroxide on top of the already existing content, this means over time i'll have really bright red roots, and brightish red tips, until it grows out, even if it doesn't lighten the ends any more, it will at least ensure that the new hair growing through will be vibrant and lovely! But i'm just glad to have more noticeably red hair again :D If I suddenly come across a new way to make it super bright, i'll make sure to let you know! I can't tell you how endlessly I searched blogs and forums for, trying to find a dye that lightens sucessfully from dark hair, thankfully I've managed to find a couple of good dyes for that... by the way, if you want super vibrant hair, at a really good price, go for this brand.

I used this type, Hot Red, it was the brightest I could find, they do other colours, but the website doesn't listen nearly as many as they have in stock, for some odd reason...

You get this very typical kit (sorry to whoever's photo this is, I found it online because I threw all of mine away... eep, rookie mistake!)

If you want to go bright, it's a safe bet, at only £2.99, it's completely worth it and more! The more you use it, the more it works on lightening your hair, for extra dark hair i'd leave it in for an extra 10 minutes. I've taken to leaving it on a little longer anyway, just to make sure my hair can really lighten properly and soak up all the colour. 

One thing that did freak me out though, is when I mixed the colour creme and the developer, it went a purple colour in the bottle... after a while of shaking I applied it to my hair, and in some places it was coming out of the bottle red, and in others it was coming out purple, i was really scared i was going to get streaky hair, but eventually, once the air got to the colour and it had time to settle, all the purple turned to red... thankfully!

Here it is in all it's glory, compared to it's former dark colour...

My irritated face was because i had just put Live XXL Luminance Red on my hair, designed to lighten (and at £5 something a box, i would hope so!) and it barely changed the colour at all.

So as you can see, large improvement, i've just got to work on getting it gradually brighter now (: maybe this time next year, it'll all be okay xD

Tips for Sensitive Skin.

So, many girls reading my blog know the tedious task of shaving your legs, underarms and wherever else you want hair to be gone... ehem.

Well, I myself suffer from overly sensitive skin, which I believe may be down to a lack of moisture in my skin, not to mention coarse, resilient hair, and skin as thick as 1-ply tesco's own toilet roll. Needless to say, no matter what 'sensitive skin care' soap or shower gel I used, no matter what 'closer shave' razors I used, I always seemed to be constantly tearing myself apart. Now, as I've gotten older in the past two years, this has gotten less aggressively painful, but if that is due to my body evening out the ol' hormones and balancing out whatever makes your skin greasy or dry, and whatever makes the hair thick or thin... it has gotten better, however, it still occurs.

As many women do, I opted to wax my legs quite some time back, thinking the short term seering agony will be worth the long term extended period of smooth legs.

Oh god I have never been more wrong.

I cannot describe the pain.

So to give a better description, I hand you over to my dear Wanda Sykes (Who incidentally looks a bit like a black version of an old friend of mine xD)

The worst part about my waxing ordeal, was that I not only had to grow out the hairs to do it, which gave me gross ass spider legs. When I pulled away the wax strip, and consequently, the first 6 layers of skin... the hair stayed where it was. Firm in place like a determined old man refusing to leave his soon to be demolished house, letting out bitter cries of "I WAS BORN IN THIS HOUSE. I'LL DIE IN THIS HOUSE."

No, the hairs stood to attention, staring at me and mocking me like some devil-sent follicle dwellers, and I stared back in disbelief and agony as what was left of my skin burnt like Satan himself was dry humping it.

So, needless to say, home waxing strips are not for me.

Soon after this, I knew i had to get rid of the hairs, so to do so I just opted to shave it off. However, the consequences of the wax strips made my already sensitive skin, a fucking lot more sensitive, and as soon as that tropical scented Imperial Leather (which in my opinion should be called Imperial Lather...) hit my shins, all hell broke loose and my legs stung like a bitch for a good few hours following, eventually they managed to calm down enough for me to shave them properly, but not without a great deal of discomfort. I do not recommend it. If you are going to get a wax, get it done properly by a professional, or else suffer the burning hand of hell sticking it's abrasive fingers in your pores.

So I went back to shaving for a while, but what really gets me, is that I have dark hair on my legs, from my ankles to the tops of my thighs, meaning not shaving past the knee isn't for me. Whilst lots of people with fair and light body hair can get away with not shaving their thighs, if I were to do it, I would resemble an effeminate rugby player. For that, I blame my fathers genes, as he is an actual rugby player. With not a hair on his head, but a stubble made of iron, and chest, arm and leg hair made of steel wool. That fucker gave me the shit end of the deal on genetics, then again, he's not exactly blessed with the best pick himself. At least the hair on my head is thick and full of volume. *Grumble*

The unfortunate thing about shaving when you have coarse hair and sensitive skin, is that it often leads to ingrown hairs, or body acne, no matter how careful you are, you'll almost always damage yourself in some way or another.

So recently I opted to try epliating.

For those who don't know what epilating is... think of this...

Combined with this

       And this...

What you end up with is a shaver containing tweezer like prongs that spin round at a high speed, plucking each hair as you run it over your skin.

Which looks a lot less threatening in pink, i'll give you that.

You can see from the photo where about the metal tweezer ends are, and how many there are, so you get a rough idea of what it does and how it works. Now, I suppose you're thinking "Why, why on earth would you put yourself through the pain of plucking each individual hair from your legs?! ARE YOU APESHIT?!"

The answer is yes, yes I am apeshit, however, that is an unconnected phenomenon to this scenario. 

The reason I decided to dust of the epliator I'd owned for years, but never used due to the pain factor, is because I was quite simply, running out of options. Hair removal cream didn't work, waxing didn't work, and shaving works with mild irritation and quick grow back.

Epliation works a lot like waxing, in that the hair is ripped from the follicle, not cut, meaning that it takes longer before it begins to grow back. In the same way that plucking eyebrows every now and then keeps the monobrow a way for quite some time, epliating is said to keep your legs smoother for longer. 

In starting my painful journey, I researched how best to epilate... however, they didn't tell you some of the things I have discovered for myself, some things that may come in handy.

1)No matter what the adverts tell you, or what it looks like on the box, freshly epilated legs are not smooth and soft, they are bumpy, red, sore and rough. This will fade over time, don't worry. After all, your hair has just been ripped away.

2)It is painful the first few times you do it, because it is fresh and coarse hair, and there is a lot more of it than there would be after prolonged epilation.

3)When epilating, make sure to bring the epilator, like a razor, up the leg, against the grain of the hair, whilst pulling tightly on the skin. Also, ensure you rub against the grain with your hands first, to make the hair stand up on end, and be easier to pluck.

4)It is advised to take a warm bath before starting, as the heat and water opens up the pores. DO NOT put ice on it to numb your legs, as the pores close and plucking becomes twice as painful, making the ice completely counter-productive. I didn't take a warm bath, nor did I numb my legs the first time I tried this, and it hurt as much as I imagined it would, but it wasn't tear inducing... just about. I advise a bath before, but not after. As the pores are open and will sting if submerged in hot water, it is best if your legs are hurting, to place a cold compress on the area. 

5)If you can't get a hair, try moving the epilator in small circles, or if it is one stray in a sea of baldness, grab a pair of regular tweezers and try to get the little shit out yourself.

6)NEVER put any kind of lotion on your skin afterwards, the only thing I can advice, is Aloe gel or cream, and perhaps Sudocrem, though I cannot say for sure that it will not sting, always ALWAYS do a test patch and leave it a minute or two before applying all over. 

7)Hair grows in at different lengths, and different times. When you shave your legs, you get the first layer, which might not start to grow in fully again until a few days later, however, there will be other hairs coming through. It's a little tricky to explain, and there isn't any explanations properly of it on the internet that I can find.

Basically, when you shave or epilate your legs, the longest hairs are trimmed/plucked, but you might find some shorter ones remain, this is because all hairs do not grow in at the same time or pace, making layers, some may be long enough for the epilator to reach, or the razor to shave without tugging the skin, but some may not.

I have found, in these situations, you can do a few things:-

  1. You can grab a tweezer and hand pluck all the strays, but on your legs, this is going to take a long, long time, and I tried it and gave in. 
  2. You can wait an extra day for the hairs to grow in, so that they can then be epilated properly, giving you a more even and smooth cover.
  3. You can wait for it to grow through and shave, you won't have as much hair if you have already epilated, so if you have excessive hair growth, but don't want to constantly epilate, this is good for you, as it means you will have less, and often much finer hair to shave, so if your skin is easily irritated, it may be slightly more able to cope.
I myself, go for option number two.

I attempted epilating my ankle and the surrounding area last night, and it was pretty much horrifically painful to start with, and I stopped because it was getting late and my epilator was noisy, which is never good when the parents are going to bed. 

The following morning I felt disappointed to see that I had hair growing through in that area already, but now I realise these were the shorter hairs I couldn't reach before. I have done my entire lower legs, as my pain threshold gave out after that, and there are still a lot of shorter hairs, however, I feel my skin has been through enough today, as it is still a little sensitive. 

If epilating is not your think, and you're a shaving kinda girl (or boy :D) but also have sensitive skin, and are often left with razor rash, bumps, or symptoms similar to acne, here are a few things i've recently learnt about what is possible!

1)Every time you finish in a shower or a bath after shaving, or even if you haven't (some people don't have very quick hair growth, the lucky bastards) then apply a moisturising cream to your legs, and just for extra measure, everywhere else. It's best to do this over a towel still in case you have a particularly runny moisturiser. I use Dove Intensive Lotion for Extra Dry Skin, just to be on the safe side, as I don't know if my skin would be classed as 'extra dry' but I'd rather get it a bit stronger than i probably need it, than too weak.

But i've also used Garnier 7 Day Moisturiser, though somehow I doubt it's 7 day abilities... but with that said, it still made my skin very soft, even with the stubble of regrowing hairs after shaving popping through.

I have also been reliably informed by my mother, who always seems to have really soft skin, that Palmers Cocoa Butter works well on dry skin. I tried it once myself and can say I agree, however, i'm not too keen on the smell of Cocoa Butter, or the prices charged by Palmers. But if you like the smell and have the cash to splash, then this is probably a good one for you to go with, but it's best to try a few things, as you never know what will work best with your skin.

Another thing many shavers suffer from is ingrown hairs and acne on the backs of the legs, neck, sometimes arms, chest and yes... unfortunately, the arse. However, all hope is not lost of those of you with bumpy behinds or enough spots on your chest to make a dot to do with. For women with more intense hair growth, shaving may have to occur in the more obscure places, such as on the chest, the trail leading up to the belly button, thighs, arms, sometimes around the nipples and again... the arse! I myself have to shave my entire leg, i sometimes get darker hairs leading to the belly button, and occasionally a stray dark hair will just pop up in the weirdest places. For stray hairs, they are pluckable, no problem, but for those suffering dark hair growth, especially those with dark skin, or more easy to tan skin, and in some cases, like my own, fair skin, and dark hair, resulting in it being all the more obvious, dark hair can be a nightmare and shaving can be a monumental task, especially if you have sensitive skin.

One solution I have stumbled across thanks to the good old internet, is simple Sudocrem. It's often used for sunburns, rashes, spots, irritated or inflamed skin... or babies and toddlers with sore arses.

However, it does have a healing property over ingrown hair, dry skin, and amazingly enough, acne!

For an example of what I mean, here is a woman on the internet, who had severe acne on her back...

But after six weeks of applying Sudocrem, it looked like this

A hell of an improvement for simple old Sudocrem.

So if you suffer spots or ingrown hairs, try some of this, as it may be just what you needed. 

Hopefully my pain and suffering with bad skin, has resulted in knowledge that will help other sufferers in the future.

No one wants a rash!

Contact me if you've any more helpful tips and tricks of the skin! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hit It and Quit It!

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As recommended by Noel Fielding, it's a damn good album actually.

Feel that Funk!

Put Dye In Your Hair Like You Just Don't Care...

So as anyone who knows me in real life will know... my hair has gone through the wars the past 7 or 8 months...

For a good two years I had been dying my hair red, and here is a photo of it at it's brightest...

Just after getting my hair cut like Noel Fielding :D Exciting stuff!

Anywho, for some reason, I made the god awful decision to dye my bright red barnet completely black... and well... 

Needless to say, I looked like I wanted to die.

What doesn't help in this photo, was the fact that my hair, by this point, had grown an awful lot and I now had an emo fringe. 

For the week that i had the black hair, i was miserable, i didn't leave the house except to get a blood test, and I had an anxiety attack in the surgery, causing my blood pressure to be extremely high, as well as my heart rate... so when I had the blood taken, I passed out... 

Three times.

Soon after this I purchased a box of Scott Cornwall's Colour B4

And at first it restored my original colour perfectly!

Excuse my Matt Smith-esque fringe.

However, Colour B4 isn't as good as i thought it was, as over the next week, the colour faded with each wash, back to really dark brown with red tints. I was understandably distraught. I popped some red dye over the top in the hopes it would lighten it a tad, but it didn't do an awful lot.

As you can see here...

Very dark, though the lighting, i do admit, does not lend itself well to the colour.

Now for a bit I kept the colour, not wanting to damage my hair, and lacking money to get it professionally lightened or even buy lightening agent or stripping agent myself, so i gave up for a bit, keeping this look, which in a way, worked for me a bit, as dark hair made me look older and more mature, which was a good thing, but with the hair style I have, being a Joan Jett, Noel Fielding kind of scruffy kid from round the corner with her hands covered in paint and a constant blare of music seeping out from the headphones in my pocket connected to the ipod I forgot to turn off... the 'mature' colour didn't gel brilliantly with the style, so I had a constant slight Rock'n'Roll hairstyle, with not that many Rock'n'Roll outfits to match, making it hard to dress for the style.

However, I did find that dark hair works brilliantly against head scarves!

Giving me a kind of vintage war woman look, which I do like.

But I have to admit, I was pining for my red hair again... 

So back to a second box of Colour B4 I went... as it claims you can use up to three boxes.

 Of course after a week, it was fading again to a brown shade.

I applied Live XXL Luminance Red in the hopes it's lightening formula would lift me back to my old bright red...

No such luck.

It was lighter, though the picture does not show that... it was more red than it had been previously, but still not all that noticeable.

So yesterday I purchased a box of Superdrugs own Fire Red (POKEMON :D) hair dye...

Now i've used their vibrant range before, and I was surprised at how much lighter my hair turned out!

I went back and bought a box, hoping it would lighten my hair further, I was really hoping that I could finally stop doing this thing gradually and finally have the hair I lost.

This was my result

A much lighter colour, however, not quite as bright as I'd hoped... but it's a start!

Something I did notice however, was that my roots were so much brighter, most likely due to the fact that my natural colour had been coming through here since August, and the dye had been lightening that over and over, so that is quite bright and has a warm orange tint to it, however, this unfortunately, does not carry on throughout.

The ends of my hair are slightly darker, however, not as noticeable, they look darker in this photo due to lightening...

This is when you compare my tips to my roots, as you can see, darker, but not lots darker, when you see the whole head of hair, you can't really tell, it just blends in, unless you are specifically looking for darkness and lightness contrasts.

I find now that the only thing to do, is to simply wait for my dark tips to grow out, or bleach my whole head, and start again, and after all this palaver... I can safely say that won't be happening.

So, looks like I shall be dying it every time my roots get over about 4cm or more (: so hopefully by the time I get to uni, only the last 5 or 6 cm on the tips should still be dark, which might even look good :') 

On the plus side, i don't have any dark in my fringe! :D And my hair is shortish, so growing out won't take more than a year by now (: 

I'll make sure to inform you if there's any more riveting changes!