Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Goodbye Btec!

Hello to everyone reading, as promised, i'm making a post just for a special little chapter of my life. 

In the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most brilliant, funny, annoying, ridiculous, insane, bitchy, talented (and occasionally dedicated and on time ;D) people i've ever met in my life.

My drama group now though, has finally come to it's conclusion, and it's starting to really hit home how sad i'm going to be to not be going back there, to never have that shared anticipation before a show with that group again. To never be stuck in a room with all of them again, half naked, attempted to get changed in time for the curtain call, whilst tripping over my own outfit, shouting "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY- Oh there it is... NEVER MIND" for the 4th time that night, constantly borrowing hair pins to pin mine back under some wig, or into some style, regardless of the fact that my hair openly rejects any style you try to put it in. 

I'm going to miss the buzz before a show, the stress during all the rehearsals, the constant rolling of our eyes every time someone is late or away. It's surreal to think we won't just go back and carry on as normal, and that hits me harder than anything else, is the fact that I'll never get to work with the people I was only just getting to know properly. 

There are so many people I would give a lot to keep working with, but unfortunately, it's just not in the cards.

However, I won't forget the memories i've made with this group of people... it began at 19, and then dropped to the 15 of us that could withstand the chaos for the full two years. I'll never pretend it was a pleasure cruise, i'll never pretend it was all fun and games, because god only knows it was a bloody nightmare half the time. Whether it was people never turning up, rehearsal rooms being full, lighting and music cues being missing or too soon, props breaking and costumes tearing, fights erupting and tears being shed, or perhaps swearing matchings and stressy teachers, forgotten lines and dramatic accidents, there was always something absurd going down within Btec 2010-2012. 

On our last day we each gave speeches of our time in btec, and whilst most were cut short by tears, I managed to say the only thing I have ever thought of btec. The utter and complete truth. Though, typically, in my usual style, I couldn't find the words to describe it, and so used the next best thing... A quote from Charles Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities, though the quote is cut drastically shorter than the original, the simple sentence sums up btec more than anything else. 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

It is truly the only appropriate way to sum up my time within this drama group, for it has given me moments I would never have missed, shows I wouldn't have traded for anything, and friends I will never forget. I am going to stop however, before I turn into too much of a cliche, and so with that, I will leave you with a series of photos depicting a huge portion of the last two years of my life. 

Now, just a warning, there's 108 of these photos... baring in mind, this is two years of my life. 

Warning over. Let it begin.

A secret Santa day :') no further explanation needed.

Rachel and I before our performances

The first time we ever sang Seasons of Love together. Which later became our group song, and the song we finished our final performance on. It was not only the first song we sang together, but also the last.

We're a talented bunch
Some more talent.

'Miss Va-J-J'

This happened on an almost daily basis.

Andy, one of our many drama teachers, looking all serious and stuff through the office window!

The most typical 'Drama' photo in existence. 

Andy being Caliban from Tempest, don't worry, he doesn't just walk like that.

btec demonstrate how to sit on a chair correctly

we named him Taz, but sometimes we call him Darren.

Andy looking formal for our 'auditions'

we have all at one point, tried to get in this box, and almost all of us have gotten hurt or trapped doing so.

the lying down game, different to planking, but still fucking pointless.

i wish i could explain this, but i can't.

i enjoy this photo and i don't know why


showing our undying love for this man


impromptu singing and dancing is a rule of btec

A room full of the AWKWARD BALLOON.

During Children's Play Day


Two big bad bears, that weren't even in the same performance together!

I'd been jumped! Quite appropriately by a frog.

Who hit her head... told you we've had accidents.

Is still one of my favourite photos.

I like to think that James (far right) sleeps like all the time.


Our performance! Handmade baubles and a star! :D

Riiiibbiiit (the kids LOVED that joke)

knock knock


another lovely little laugh from the kids!

joe brought me some christmas spirit!

Frogs breaking down and rapping is the funniest, most innocently adorable thing you'll ever see.


Our miniature audience!

I am quite the spectacle. 

For RND 2011! We all came as pirates!

Somehow i doubt this was related to drama.

Then again, neither was this.

James getting his skinny ass body out, making us all jealous. Or... dare i say it... "WELL JEL MATE."

...i'm not sorry for that. I'm not.

This is what you get when you sign up for btec.
And finally... panto, the one we'd all been waiting for.

Hook can play guitar, amazingly.

Tweedle Dee, Evil Stepmother, Prince Charming!

Beth, our technician, on the go, with the camera that stopped working! D:

Painting up my favourite non-btec-bteccer! 

Our very own Mad Hatter

Tweedle Dum

Abbie was probably the best choice for Alice we could have had.

Three of our teachers, and three women that have forever left the strangest kind of impact on my life, in the best possible way, of course. From left to right, Penny, Sara and Rachel (Pregnant fit to burst here, but she's now had a lovely little girleh!)

This picture, for me, sums up my time in btec quite well.

Just taking the chance to add that my mother made almost all of my costume, bless her heart and talented soul.

Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit. Our make up took FOREVER.

Cinders and Charming!

Some of the evil crew (and Little Red!)

A flattering shot :')

Queenie and Chessy. This will always be a favourite of mine.

Evil Step Mother and her lovely counterpart Fairy Gee

Oh my dear friend Beckie, one of my closest, whom i'd never have met were it not for Btec, we spent most of it acting like dicks, and also lovers.


We so gaytogether.

One of our last days, spent on the park

We don't know how this happened.

Or this

One of our last performances together, done to primary school children

One last photo (excuse my face, we were told to do a stupid post, but i appear to be the only one.)

Giving my 'speech'

Our schools motto is Dare To Learn, and there are lots of fake enthusiastic photos like this, so it felt appropriate to leave a homage to the place.

I am ending on this and I regret absolutely nothing.

I wish I was as cute and girly as I make myself out to be on this blog, but there's a terrible secret about me, and it's that i'm just so manly. 

Mind you, I guess some of the androgynous outfits gave that away... 

Anyway, if you made it through the photo spam, well done. If you made it through and you aren't in btec, double well done.

There would be some from Variety, but TAZ THAT LITTLE SHIT, hasn't uploaded them like he said he was going to do (and has been saying for the past 3 and a half weeks.) so that'll be another, much smaller post.

Thanks for reading.

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