Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Few Photos, and No Sleep!

Good Morning everyone!

It's precisely 7:30am at the moment, and I am wide awake and blogging!

Want to know why I am so awake? Of course you do...

I'm wide awake because I haven't been to sleep!

On friday night, i fell asleep on the sofa at about half past midnight, woke up at about 9 or 10am, and went back up to my room for a bit, had breakfast and then promptly fell back to sleep, but for some reason, I didn't wake up until 5:30pm.

Why, i've no idea... but almost all of my day had been completely wasted in bed -_-

So, naturally, I wasn't tired when it came to going to actual sleep... which wasn't until around about 5am (two hours ago) so I thought, fuck it, let's just pull an all nighter, and get through the day as normally as I can, and then go to bed near the eveningish so that when I have to get up for school, I won't have had one hour sleep.

So consequently, here I am!

This post is about nothing in particular really, i'm just trying to kill some time really!

In other news, we recently had some headshots done for the program for our variety show in the summer!

But being the camera hog I am, I couldn't help but get a few extra photos done, but I wanted some done with my friend Beckie, but being the people we are, not a single one is serious!

But I feel that they are too good to not share (:

Thanks again to Taz for providing them! They are probably my favourite photos of all time (:

Please click view in new tab to view in the amazing full high def quality!

Peace out yo!

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