Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Love Leather & Lace

Love Leather & Lace
Above is my Polyvore.Com creation, a combination of clothes, shoes and accessories to create a casual yet slightly rock-esque look.

At the moment, lace and leather have been my two favourite combinations. There's something about the smell of dusty vintage lace combined with the smell of a proper leather jacket that just really makes me smile. Not to mention the contrast between dainty and rebellious works so well together, especially if a white or cream coloured lace is used.

A mixture of inspiration caused me to throw this look together, and partly it was because I literally threw it together! I was trying to decide on an outfit for the first day back at college, with only two lessons of drama for my whole day, and no cleaning work to do that day, I wanted something casual yet slightly cool, and it was only when I stacked my lace dress over my leather jacket that I realised the two would be perfect for the following day! It was after that I started working through some accessories on Polyvore.com

I decided to take inspiration from, of course... Joan Jett, keeping my hair loose in it's JJ style, and adding a few accessories I think she'd approve of, whilst also keeping it slightly classy with a black and white polka dot neck scarf.

But this time a lot of my inspiration was taken from Taylor Momsen, in this particular outfit below...

Her dress may not be lace, but she still looks effortlessly cool, and I must admit I'm a little envious of her long blonde hair! Not to mention her sunglasses, but only because I had a very similar pair that I broke only 3 days after purchasing... but luckily they were only £1...

Here is the final outfit, you'll have to excuse my bloated food babeh! I'd eaten like a pig that day! :P
My necklace was something I made myself, rust effect included, I'll add a tutorial soon.

So there's my outfit! Let me know what you think! What's your favourite combination?


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