Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Homage to Joan Jett.

Hey so I said I may upload some OOTD's :D (Outfit Of The Day!) but I don't always have great outfits or a camera to hand, but I wanted to get a quick snap of this outfit.

It's nothing too special, a pretty simple and thrown together one, but I love wearing it, it's a copy of the Joan Jett style, and it's influenced by her band, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (as noted by the hand painted t-shirt) but also, a bit a tribute to her home made Sex Pistols t-shirt that gained rather a lot of notability over the years, and was shown in the film The Runaways.

The original Joan Jett and her custom t-shirt, and The Runaways movie version worn by Kristen Stewart.

I just threw in some wristbands and a necklace to give it more life and make it look a bit busier without being too OTT, and just wore my black skinny jeans and some red high top converse, as Joan Jett did wear converse a reasonable amount, and I understand why, they are really good shoes.

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