Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flared Sleeves and The Pierces Style!

Hello bloggers and blog readers!

Sorry that I haven't blogged in quite a while, but there's really been nothing to report on whatsoever! However, as the summer approaches, so will my pay check, not to mention my birthday, which should mean money which will mean clothes and other such things!

I'm pretty excited for summer, and more importantly, university! That's right kids! I'm nearly an official grownedup! With my 18th Birthday soon approaching, you can guarantee that you'll find me sitting around doing everthing I already do... as i'm a teetotaller, not too keen on alcohol as it makes me feel sick after hardly a second glass, and also as I hate large, loud crowds (excluding concerts, of course.) and the smell of sick and drunken people, you won't find me at any club this year... i'll probably just go to lazerquest or better... Twin Lakes.



With summer and university approaching, i've had my eye on a few items of clothing!

 I adore off the shoulder numbers, and I adore angelic sleeves like this. So to combine the two would be glorious. I've had my eye on a white version of this dress! I've wanted this dress ever since I saw The Pierces live and Allison was wearing one.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo I could find of her wearing it, but I know it's a topshop dress, but it's no longer available, and the only others I can find for sale are all size 12, which won't fit me unfortuantely :/

However, i've seen a similar one and i'm keeping a close eye on it.

I adore flared boho style sleeves, as they just sing care-free and whimsical! And anyone who has ever seen the psychidelic-folk-rock show that is The Pierces, they will understand how the dress reflects that feel. They are very much into the boho vibe and I adore it!

 Catherine (Right) and Allison (Left) are playing live, and I absolutely adore Catherines outfit here, it is beautiful and bohotastic.
This is another show they did, and I loooooooove their outfits a silly amount! Catherine looks like she's steped straight out of 1960's London and Allison looks as though she's just on her way to Woodstock! Even though it's a photo flaw, the hazy, blurred look was sort of how it felt watching them play, the music was just so hypnotic that you kind of lost yourself in it, also, props to the lighting guys, they lit it so beautifully!

Anyway, i'm rambling... so that's my number one must have, is a boho style dress with flared sleeve/s!

I love their style and I think they'll definitely be influencing my summer choices, if I can find the right dresses that is! I'm very picky!

But of course, it pays to be picky! You don't want to buy any old thing just because it's cheap and sort of alright, you have to love everything you buy, or you just won't wear it enough to get your moneys worth, and it's just a waste!

So that's all i've to say at the moment! But i'll keep you updated on a few of my art projects and other such things as soon as possible!

Hayley! <3

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